Setup & Install FAQ

edify is currently available for PCs running Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

edify Teacher is best experienced with a VR Headset, but you can use the software if you don't have one. With or without a headset, we recommend that your PC is 'VR Ready' or with a discrete GPU.

Feel free to contact us for advice on sourcing suitable hardware. 

edify officially supports the following headsets:​

Results may vary when using other headsets.

Set up your VR headset before you get started. Please see the installation guides for HTC Vive and Oculus Quest.

You may require a Steam account to use your VR kit. More information is available here.​

edify content tutorials can be found here.

Before you get started with edify Teacher, please install the following software:

  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams for broadcasting. More information on installation here.​
  • Steam VR if you are using HTC Vive Pro. More information on controls here.
  • Oculus VR if you are using Oculus Quest. More information on controls here.​
  • edify Lesson Creator (if applicable). Our user guides are available here.

Currently, edify runs on Windows 10. Stay tuned for future operating system updates. 

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