edify Setup Guide

Creating an edify account

You can access your edify account at me.edify.ac. Here, you can either create your own account, or sign in with an institutional account, if these have been provided to you. If you do have an institutional account, it is important you use it to log in – your license will be attached to this account, and without it you will be unable to access the edify software.


Once you have logged in, you will arrive at your edify profile page. Here, you can set a profile picture, or edit any of your details, including setting a new password. You can also download edify from this page by pressing the button in the top right corner.

The download will be “EdifyLauncherSetup.exe”, which you can access through your downloads folder. Running this will take you through a short installation wizard, where you can specify the installation directory for edify – you will generally want to leave this as the default.

When you run the installer, you may have a popup asking if you want to continue – click yes on this. The Edify Launcher Setup wizard then appears, with a number of steps to go through. Press “Next” to move to the next page, then “I agree” for the user license agreement.

On the next page, you can choose where to install the edify launcher. By default, this is in the program files of your hard drive, but if you wish to install it elsewhere, press “Browse” and navigate to the new location, or enter the path into Destination Folder textbox. When you are finished, press the “Install” button.

The install itself should only take a few seconds. If you are finding it is taking much longer, try restarting the installation. If your problems continue, reach out to your edify contact, and we’ll find a solution.


When the installer finishes, you will now have access to the edify launcher. This acts as a hub for all of your and other creators edify lessons, as well as edify software and content. If you the launcher does not open automatically, you can access it by typic “edify” into your start menu, and pressing on the app. When you do, the launcher will open, and prompt you to login. Here, you will need the login details of your edify account. If you enter them, and press login, you will now have access to the edify Launcher!


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